Classroom: Iris

Teacher: Kassie Nordlinder

Curriculum: Physical Science

October: The Earth and our very own star

  • Overview of the solar system
  • Earth’s elliptical orbit around the sun
  • Earth’s tilted axis
  • Demonstration of our sun’s role in the seasons with a flashlight on the globe

November: Autumn

  • Discussion of fall on North America
  • Photosynthesis and it’s slow down in the fall
  • Leaf painting and rubbing
  • Classroom Fall collage
  • Thanksgiving tree

December: Our atmosphere and moon


  • The layers of the atmosphere
  • Condensation and conduction experiments
  • Moon charting-waxing & waning
  • Holiday project

January: Winter


  • Discussion of winter in North America
  • Snowflake cutting
  • “The Mitten” projects and games
  • Martin Luther King

February: Winds and clouds


  • Cloud classification
  • How is wind formed
  • Pinwheel making to demonstrate wind
  • President’s Day discussion

March: Weather forecasting and storms


  • Meteorologists and their tools
  • Making our own weather chart
  • Storm classification (hurricane, tornado, monsoon, etc)
  • Pressure experiment: sucking an egg into a bottle

April: Spring


  • Discussion of spring in North America
  • Rain gauge
  • Continuing our weather chart

May: Pollution and climate


  • Air pollutants (smog and carbon monoxide)
  • Land and water pollutants (solid waste and littering)
  • The cost of pollution (El Nino and Greenhouse gases)
  • Mother’s Day project

June: Summer

  • Discussion of summer in North America
  • Making a sundial
  • Father’s Day project
  • Create a gift for Father’s Day