Classroom: Bluebell

Teacher: Lamia Jarrouge

Curriculum: Physical Science



  • Overview and classroom management.
  • Grace and courtesy. 


  • Learning the concepts of the three states of matter- solids, liquids and gases.
  • Do experimental projects to decide whether a matter is solid, liquid or gas.
  • Learning the concept of evaporation- learning how water and other liquids evaporate.
  • Sounds of the week: a b c d 


  • Properties of solids- learning the concepts of sink and float.
  • Soluble and insoluble- introducing the concept of solubility as we attempt to dissolve various substances in water.
  • Properties of liquids- liquids take the shape of the container.
  • Combining of liquids- discovering that when combined, liquids react differently.
  • Sounds of the week: e f g h


  • Properties of liquids – discovering cohesion (force that holds a material together) and adhesion (force that holds two substances together).
  • Learn the concept of displacement, how objects move liquids.
  • Holiday cards and projects.
  • Sounds of the week:  i j


  • Salinity: learning the effect of salinity (salt content) on floatation.
  • When does water not change its shape?
  • Balloon blower-upper: learning that mixing vinegar and baking soda will produce enough gas to blow up a balloon.
  • Exploration of bubbles- exploring the properties of bubbles including sizes, colors, directions and shapes.
  • Sounds of the week :k l m n 


  • Properties of air- discovering that air, though invisible, takes up space.
  • Sneaky air experiment (blowing out a candle).
  • Magnetism- discovering the properties of magnetic and non-magnetic objects and classify accordingly.
  • Magnetic strength through objects- discovering that a magnet can exert its force through some materials and not others.
  • Magnetic field pattern- exploring the concept of magnetic field.
  • Valentines cards and projects.
  • Sounds of the week: o p q r


  •  Discovering what friction is.
  • What increases or reduces friction.
  • Static electricity- observing static electricity and its effects.
  • Weights and measurements- learning the concept of weights
  • Sounds of the week: s t u v


  • Light- learning the properties of light, how we see light.
  • Learning how light travels and reflects.
  • Transparent and opaque objects.
  • Sounds of the week: w x y


  • Sound- learning the properties of sounds, how we hear sounds.
  • Learning how sound travels.
  • Sound wave experiment.
  • Sound vibrations


  • Father's day cards